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Don’t Go Gently exists solely to support village health, education and community welfare in Nepal. All money that is raised goes straight to those causes, and the only people paid by Don’t Go Gently are our Nepali staff. All directors and other Australian helpers are volunteers.

Who are we?

Don’t Go Gently is a small Australian Registered Not-for-Profit  Charity organisation, borne out of a love for both the people of the rural areas and the natural beauty of the Himalayas.  We have no affliation with any religious institution or government.

What's our philosophy?

Our mantra is Respect. Respect for the local people and their culture, and  respect for the lands we visit. By helping communities in this unique area of the world, and by having a low impact on the areas that we visit, we are giving something back to the communities that take us in.

At Don't Go Gently all donations received, be it financial, or in goods or services, goes to some of the poorer rural areas where we operate projects; primarily to help with the education of the village children and also supporting the health and health education of the villagers. We are only a small organisation, and we cant help everyone, but we will gladly show you how we are trying to help where we can.

Being an ethical Not for Profit organisation in a rural area of Nepal comes with many responsibilities. We pay our local staff fairly, and we try to source materials and services from close to where we operate. The money we pay our local staff goes into the communities, and helps to sustain their local economies.

Our aim is to be financially transparent, so that anyone who deals with us can see where our donations are used.

We are also only too happy to help with advice or contacts for anyone who wishes to genuinly volunteer in the communities. Please think about it.....You never know; it could change your life, and help someone elses.

So why Nepal?

While the Himalaya is the mythical home to the legendary kingdom of Shangri La, the harsh truth is that, in some areas, these are some of the poorest people on our planet. But they have an inspiring dignity, and they are proud of their country and their heritage.

So many people we have met in the Himalaya have opened up their hearts and homes to us over many years, with no expectations. They still do!

While we have helped out to a small degree in the past, we be believe that we can always do more. The earthquakes of 2015, where nearly 10,000 people were killed and hundreds of thousands were left homeless, made that even more important. We love the place and the people, so to be able to help the village communities, is a genuine pleasure for us.

We are so thankful to the many village people we have shared with us, and helped to enlighten us on the truly important things in life.