Giving Something Back to Nepal


In 2012 we were asked by the village committee members of Thulu Syabru to set up a health clinic, which we did. The committee generously gave us the use of a building, which we stocked with good quality medicines and other medical equipment, and employed our first nurse, the wonderful Dolma. She worked for us for 18 months, then left to do more study. We have continued to help her with her advanced education.

We now employ another great nurse, Badra, and she is supported by her husband Bhim, who is also a nurse. Badra has made some really good changes, and is well respected within the village. Badra and Bhim deliver the babies in the village, and do an amazing job.

At the start of 2016, we arranged and paid for Badra to undertake some primary dental training, so that she could be even more benefit to the village. We aslo purchased the necessary equipment, so now Badra capably does fillings and extractions in the village. The villagers love much as you can love going to the dentist.


Education - pre earthquake

In 2010 we started helping to support the school of Thulu Syabru at the request of the wonderful school principal, Chhesum Lama. Our help started small at first, but we soon realised what positive changes could be made with some more effort, so we committed to a much greater involvement. We  helped fund the stabilisation of the land at the rear of the school to resist landslides - thbis was prior to the earthquake.

We have also bought green boards to replace the black boards, which had a carcinogenic component in the chalk dust.

We have bought computer equipment and computer furniture, and we have also had the school building painted, before the earthquake. We bought school desks/benches for the classrooms. We purchased library books for the older students, as well as carpet/montessori equipment and musical instruments for the kindergarten. And we will keep on helping.

In 2011 we started helping at Gatlang school, which is a 2 day walk away from Thulu Syabru (1 day for locals) and is a heritage village. We purchased similar education equipment as we had at Thulu Syabru, and we have just funded the replacement of the badly dented and leaking metal roofing over the older school buildings, as well as providing th school principal with a laptop computer.

In 2013 we were invited to visit a very poor village named Grey. No tourists come to this village, and it has a fairly large population for a rural village. Once we saw the poor condition of the school we decided to help. Again we provided school benches and green boards, and also subsidised the salary of an additional teacher.

All of the above work is ongoing, and we are so glad to help with the health and education of the people in these villages.


Earthquake 2015

In April & May 2015, Nepal suffered so badly from a severe earthquake, which also triggered avalanches. Nearly 10,000 people died as a result of the earthquake through Nepal.

The villages that we support, along with all the villages in the Langtang area suffered many fatalities and incredible building damage.We were in the Langtang area assessing the situation in June 2015, and have worked with the locals on the processes and implementaion of reconstruction.

We will continue our support and fundraising, to ensure that we can help the local villages as much as is possible through this terrible time.

We will keep on working and giving back!