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While in 2017 we had been busy with some larger new projects, we looked on 2018 as a time of consolidation and planning.

The health clinic is still running well, with the  villagers very happy with our great nurse Bhim.



Housing reconstruction 2017

We are so pleased to have been able to assist with the construction of 15 new homes for some of the poorer families that had lost everything in the 2015 earthquakes.

The new homes comply with the Nepali government earthquake reconstruction guidelines. Most were finished before the winter, thereby providing far better shelter than what these local people had endured for the past two years.


Our Projects for 2017

Housing Reconstruction

We are working with the Thulu Syabru Village Improvement Committee to construct 15 new houses for some of the most deserving families in the village. We are supported by a grant from a very generous from Selavip, which will cover approximately 25% of the building costs. We expect to have all of these homes completed by November 2017.


News from our march visit.

Just back from rural Nepal,  to visit the clinic, the villages and village people that we love there.

It is encouraging to see that there is more fuel available and that the "unofficial Indian border blockade" appears to be slowly ending.

There is still too much inertia in getting charitable donations to where they are most needed. We heard that one large NGO still had not delivered a lalrge quantity of emergency winter supplies, even though winter has well and truly passed. The Nepali people need help, not political obstacles in this difficult time.

Just one of Badra's babies

Imagine the relief for the young village women giving birth to know that they have such a wonderful and caring nurse with them through this momentus occasion.




















A post earthquake visit

As it was difficult to get regular and accurate information on the post earthquake conditions of many of the villages where we have been helping out, Bernard flew over to Nepal in late May 2015, firstly to see how things really were first hand, and also to distribute some of the funds we had raised directly to where it was needed.

Medicines sans Frontiers visit Thulu Syabru

On 13 May 2015 we received an email from Mariko Miller, who is a volunteer with MSF (Doctors without Borders), who had been in Thulu Syabru the day before.

MSF visited the health clinic on 12 May 2015, just before the second big earthquake) and met with Bhim and Deschen, who along with Badra (who was called out on a house visit) are the great nurses that run the clinic so well. The news we got from Mariko was that the earthquake had not damaged the clinic too badly, but many medicines and equipment were smashed.

An Earthquake 2015 fundraiser

We held a Nepal Earthquake 2015 fundraiser at Stanwell Park Surf Club, and we had a wonderful turnout from kind people from many areas in the southern region of Sydney and the Illawarra.

The hard organisational work was done by Sarah, Mandy and Zoë, and thanks to them it was a really memorable evening, and we collected a siignificant amount of money for health and education in rural Nepal.

Vale Langtang Village

For those of you who know us, the Langtang region in Rasua district is very very close to our hearts. It is where we have been supporting schools since 2010, and where we set up our health clinic.

Devastation in Nepal

A large (7.9) earthquake struck the country on April the 25th at midday. For those that know the country, the epicentre was in the Gorkha region, but the whole country! Villages near the epicenter had over 90% of the homes destroyed and many people died. 

There are no words to describe the decimation of this poor country, where the people are so resilient but so often seem to be forced to endure hardships beyond what most of us could cope.

It doesnt matter how you choose to help Nepal at this terrible time, but please do something, no matter how small.