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Our love affair with the Langtang continued, with a magical trek through the Heritage trail. To be able to stay in villages that have hardly been touched by tourism, the 21st century, or even the 20th century for that matter, was incredible. We sometimes felt like lucky time travellers.

The hospitality of the local people we met was amazing, and we sat on so many kitchen floors drinking tea, and taking in the simplicity and beauty of this way of life. There are certainly lessons to be leaned for us westerners.

The Langtang is an area that offers so many facets, both the more well known trails, as well as areas that are not even known to hardly any tourists yet. This is an area that we will keep on going back to.

And to be shown around by the ever smiling Kancha, with his local knowledge and his ability to speak all the dialects gave us a connection with the villagers that we wouldn't have been able to acheive without him. He also took us well away from the tourist trail, to a small monastery a few hours walk from his village that was one of the highlights of this trip. Thank you Kancha, you made our trip great.