Another Health Clinic? We hope so.

We had a very exciting meeting with a number of the village elders from Gatlang, in the Langtang Heritage area. We discussed the possibility of Dont Go Gently setting up a Health Clinic in this unique heritage village.

As we write this, they have set up a village committee and we are obtaining the necessary government permits. If all goes well, we will have a clinic set up and running within a few months. This is a poor area, and as it is not on the main tourist trail, it does not see too many tourists. Once we get the clinic operating, we can assist in improving the health of the local people, not only in Gatlang, but in the surrounding villages also.

We also met with the Principal and senior teachers of the Gatlang school. We are looking at helping purchase equipment to provide better facilities for the students. Any suggestions are welcomed.

We will keep you updated as news, and hopefully speedy progress, comes to hand.