Some Happy and Sad Events - Remember, Life is Precious!

Please let us not take this time on our planet for granted. We were overjoyed to see our very good friends at Thulu Syabru, and in particular to see how little Kundun and Kinsu were growing so quickly. Kundun had his operation this year, while only a few months old, and has recovered so well. He is going to be a big strong boy.

It was also great to see how Dolma was operating the Health Clinic there, and also how well Kancha and the committee are administering it. They are all honourable people, and very willing to put back into their village. They have made this a great benchmark,  which we can use to help us set up similar operations in other villages.

Despite our incredible joy at spending time with our Nepali brothers, sisters and friends, there were a few sad events that occurred in our time there this September/October.

Firstly there was a light plane crash out of Kathmandu, on its way to Lukla. All on board died, including a group of middle aged British trekkers, who were on there "journey of a lifetime".

Secondly, we witnessed a road accident, where a young mother and her two children were hit by a truck while crossing the road. The young daughter suffered only minor injuries, but unfortunately the mother and 9 y.o. son didn't survive.

And finally, our very good friend Binaya arrived home from Pokhara just a few hours before his grandmother passed away. Instead of the family celebrating Dashain, the 10 day long Hindu festival, they were going through their funeral rituals.

Our thoughts are with the families and friends of these departed souls at this time of loss.