Great Changes to the Health Clinic/s

Our original nurse, Dolma, has gone off to do further study. We met up with her in Syabrubensi before we started trekking, and as a way of saying "Thank You", we gave her one of the laptops that had been donated. Dolma had proved to be a wonderful asset to the Health Clinic.

Thanks to the great efforts of Kancha and the committee, we now have a wonderful new nurse, Badra, and her ever-smiling husband Bim. Bim also has trained in nursing, so they make a great team for us. While they are not native to the Langtang area, they have embraced the community, and the village has welcomed them.

The clinic is also lucky to have the assitance of Deschen, who so kindly divides her time between the school and the health clinic. Deschen oozes enthusiasm, and I am sure that she will have half of the village signposted with inspiring health tips and positive philosophies.

Since they have arrived, there seems to have been a rush of new babies. Both Badra and Bim have done a great job in delivering quite a few new healthy babies in the village, whereas before the mothers would have needed to travel elsewhere, some as far as Kathmandu.

We shared a lovely school picnic with the teachers, students and health clinic staff. There was music, dancing, great food in abundance...and then innoculations for the kids. It was so wise of Chhesum to NOT let the kids know in advance, as they may have decided not to come to the picnic. This way they all received their shots, and even some of the teachers and parents. The kids were so brave, lining up for their needles..and yet the only one who squealed was THE PRINCIPAL! Yes, Chhesum has proved to be a great school teacher and administrator, but not such a good health patient!

One of the great things that we found on the trek was that there was also a new health clinic opened in Langtang village, which is a 2 day walk from Thulu Syabru. And also it was set up by another Australian with a very long connection to Nepal, Virginia Dixon. We were so excited to find that the people of the Langtang were finally getting some good helth care opportunities.

Once back in Australia I made contact with Virginia, and I met up with her and her husband Paul. They are the heart and soul of the Lantang Valley Health Clinic, and along with their board and committees, they are working hard to make positive changes. Virginia also comes to Nepal as a volunteer nurse, as part of a team that does burns victim surgery. Fantastic work Virginia!