An Earthquake 2015 fundraiser

We held a Nepal Earthquake 2015 fundraiser at Stanwell Park Surf Club, and we had a wonderful turnout from kind people from many areas in the southern region of Sydney and the Illawarra.

The hard organisational work was done by Sarah, Mandy and Zoë, and thanks to them it was a really memorable evening, and we collected a siignificant amount of money for health and education in rural Nepal.

Apart from the main organisational team, there were many good people who gave their time to help out with cooking, funds collection adn heavy lifting. Because of their selfless help, they perhaps didnt get to enjoy the wonderful food and the great entertainment as much as everyone else. I wont try to name them, for fear of forgetting a single person, but please understand that your efforts were greatly appreciated, and the beneficieries of your collective work will be the clinic and schools that we support in the Langtang district, which was one of the worst hit regions of Nepal.

A heartfelt thanks to all involved on the night, and to all those who generously contributed, but couldnt make it to the event.

It is so gratifying to feel the best of the kindness of the human spirit.