Medicines sans Frontiers visit Thulu Syabru

On 13 May 2015 we received an email from Mariko Miller, who is a volunteer with MSF (Doctors without Borders), who had been in Thulu Syabru the day before.

MSF visited the health clinic on 12 May 2015, just before the second big earthquake) and met with Bhim and Deschen, who along with Badra (who was called out on a house visit) are the great nurses that run the clinic so well. The news we got from Mariko was that the earthquake had not damaged the clinic too badly, but many medicines and equipment were smashed.

MSF kindly gave us emergency supplies for the clinic. They also fixed some important water pipes and handed out hygiene kits and shelters to the villagers in need. Once they had left the clinic, they passed on a list of the medications and equipment that the staff at the clinic need as a priority.

It is wonderful to know that these great people are out there, helping in this devastated area of Nepal, even while there are still ongoing aftershocks, and subsequent earthquakes.

We are so grateful for their assistance, and we can be sure that the villagers of Thulu Syabru, and other areas they visit, are so relieved and thankful for their kindness and help.

Please travel safely MSF.