Vale Langtang Village

For those of you who know us, the Langtang region in Rasua district is very very close to our hearts. It is where we have been supporting schools since 2010, and where we set up our health clinic.

Langtang village was a beautiful place, and where the Langtang valley really opened up, and where the local people had a wonderful and diverse Tamang community. We had stayed at Lantang many times, and only last November, when we were there on a glorious day and night, we discussed how the village was growing and yet still maintaining its quaintness and charm. We shared tea with a kind local family who spoke no English, yet we communicated effortlessly due to their generosity of spirit. Their smiling faces as we waved goodbye will never be forgotten.

In the few months before this terrible earthquake we had been having very positive discussions with the ever-dynamic Virginia Dixon, an Australian nurse who set up a government health clinic in Langtang village just two days walk from ours. She and her wonderful Langtang Valley Health committee were doing a great job, bringing health and health education to the local peole of Langtang and also trekkers. We both shared similar goals for the area and we had been discussing how we could bring synergy to our efforts, while still giving the best we could to our respective villages.

The initial news of the earthquake focused on Kathmandu, but as people were airlifted from the more remote areas, it was discovered that people and buildings of Langtang Village has been completely wiped out when the side of the massive 7200m Langtang Lirung calved off and avalanched down onto Langtang Village.

It is with incredible sadness that we share in the commemoration of the great people of Langtang Village. Our hearts go out to the surviving family members. Namaste Langtang.

Langtang Valley Health has been wonderful in planning and fundraising since this awful tragedy, and we will work with them to do the best we can for the greater Langtang area.


The following link will show you how savage this incredible demonstration of this force of nature took away so many lives, and devastated the entire area.