News from our march visit.

Just back from rural Nepal,  to visit the clinic, the villages and village people that we love there.

It is encouraging to see that there is more fuel available and that the "unofficial Indian border blockade" appears to be slowly ending.

There is still too much inertia in getting charitable donations to where they are most needed. We heard that one large NGO still had not delivered a lalrge quantity of emergency winter supplies, even though winter has well and truly passed. The Nepali people need help, not political obstacles in this difficult time.

We were lucky enough to travel up to Thulu Syabru village with some wonderful and committed people.

Elle was there to do some volunteer work in the school; and Saul and Astrid introduced the village to a great opportunity for providing houses for the poorest families through a very generous international foundation. They will be working with us to help the village committee with the process. It was an absolute please to share time, thoughts and laughs with them, and those memories will stay with us forever. We even shared some red dye for the festival of Holi.

The health clinic is going really well, and I gained first hand experience when I required some treatment for a cut foot. As we left the village, Bhadra was heading in to Kathmandu to undertake some dental training that Dont Go Gently is sponsoring. She and Bhim are such assets to the village, and we are so proud of them and the work that they do.

We inspected some preliminary design plans for the new village monastery we are funding, and were involved in meetings with the village committee. The village committee had organised for the damaged monastery building to be demolished, and had salvaged all that was valuable for reuse in the new building.

Classes were still taking place in the damaged school building, as it too cold to keep using the temporary classrooms. The school committee are still waiting for the commitment from an NGO regarding the repair or rebuilding of the school. We hope they move quickly on this.

It was quite sad to visit the site of the destroyed monastery in Manche Gompa. We had such fond memories of previous times spent there, so we can only hope that it can be rebuilt soon

The road from Bharku is progressing, and is nearly at Brabal. There is still a fair distance to go to reach Thulu Syabru, but once it does it will provide new opportunities for all the people that will access it.

For the first time we saw the holy lakes at Gosainkund frozen over. There were very few tourists, so we spent a special full moon up there, almost to ourselves.