Our Projects for 2017

Housing Reconstruction

We are working with the Thulu Syabru Village Improvement Committee to construct 15 new houses for some of the most deserving families in the village. We are supported by a grant from a very generous from Selavip, which will cover approximately 25% of the building costs. We expect to have all of these homes completed by November 2017.


Monastery Reconstruction

In 2016, we reached agreement with a very sympathetic small U.S. not-for-profit, One World-One Heart, to jointly fund the reconstruction of the village Buddhist monastery, which was badly damaged in the 2015 earthquake. Like Dont Go Gently, One World-One Heart has a history of helping out in this village.

Demolition works commenced in 2016, foundations were excavated and the footings were poured. Now that the monsoon has passed, and the access road has been repaired by the village to allow vehicles to within 1.5km, we will be commencing the reconstruction from early 2017. We expect to have it completed by the end of the year.



Health Clinic

Our health clinic is now 4 years old, and is continuing to provide a wonderful benefit to the village. We will continue the 100% financing of its operation, and also work to provide further staff training. We also will monitor the stock and equipment at our regular visits, and replace or repair things as required. The health clinic is such a great thing for the locals, and we love seeing the villagers receive such good quality nursing care without having the day-long walk to another village. Seeing healthy babies being delivered in the village is the best reward for our work there.