While in 2017 we had been busy with some larger new projects, we looked on 2018 as a time of consolidation and planning.

The health clinic is still running well, with the  villagers very happy with our great nurse Bhim.



When we visited the village in March/April to review our projects there were two weddings being celebrated, so we were lucky enough to again experience the Tamang traditions and hospitality.                   

We also further developed our relationship with our friends that are doing great work in the Tibetan settlements out of Pokhara. In our discussions with them, we established a program whereby we would fund the purchase of some cultural costumes for the Mount Kailash school, so that the children could learn traditional dancing and ceremonial performances. We also took some important medical supplies to the settlement hospital while we were there.

Perhaps the most inspiring meetings were the ones we had in the Tibetan settlement in Tserog, where we had discussions with the headmaster of the primary school and also the Youth Group. The school is a small but beautiful education facility and the headmaster was inspiring. The teachers also showed their dedication to their students and to the school environment.


We purchased medical equipment for the small health clinic there and funded the critical medication for 3 of the villagers that couldn’t afford it.

 We agreed to purchase new tables and chairs for the Tserog Youth Group, as they had no-where to sit for meetings, or to provide hospitality to visiting communities during their archery festivals.