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Louise helps the Gurkha Welfare Trust

Louise Mc Kenna organised a great trek to the Upper Mustang to raise money for the Gurkha Welfare Trust. That was such a generous thing for her to do, and she raised a substantial amount.

Louise has a connection to the Gurkha's through her father's military service with the Gurkha soldiers. There are too many first hand accounts of the bravery of the Gurkha soldiers to think that is anything but completely true. There is a well known saying " If a man tells you that he is not afraid of dying, he is either a Gurkha or a liar".

Great Changes to the Health Clinic/s

Our original nurse, Dolma, has gone off to do further study. We met up with her in Syabrubensi before we started trekking, and as a way of saying "Thank You", we gave her one of the laptops that had been donated. Dolma had proved to be a wonderful asset to the Health Clinic.

school and health clinic update

A planned detour to Grey Village allowed us to see the poor conditions that both the teachers and children have at the school. Check out the Grey Village photos in our gallery to see for yourself....

So along with our ongoing support of Gatlang School and also the school and Health Clinic at Thulu Syabru, we have committed to assist Grey Village school with many new facilities and equipment.

This is another example of how Dont Go Gently uses the money we raise to support the villages in this region.

A Road Less Travelled in 2013

It seems that 2013 had a mind of its own, and that saw us having to alter things occasionally. And we werent the only ones. People travelling to Everest Base Camp (EBC) and/or Gokyu had trouble with flights to Lukla. That didnt worry us though.

New Equipment for Gatlang School

In September 2012 we met with the Headmaster of Gatlang School and asked how could we help. He gave us a long list of things that he believed would help the school children, and also assist the teachers in their job.

With some patience and persistence, and careful management from Kancha, finally we were able to bring to the school virtually everything that was on that list. The Headmaster gratefully accepted the new equipment that Kancha ordered, purchased and distributed on behalf of Dont Go Gently.

Another Health Clinic? We hope so.

We had a very exciting meeting with a number of the village elders from Gatlang, in the Langtang Heritage area. We discussed the possibility of Dont Go Gently setting up a Health Clinic in this unique heritage village.

Some Happy and Sad Events - Remember, Life is Precious!

Please let us not take this time on our planet for granted. We were overjoyed to see our very good friends at Thulu Syabru, and in particular to see how little Kundun and Kinsu were growing so quickly. Kundun had his operation this year, while only a few months old, and has recovered so well. He is going to be a big strong boy.

The Health Clinic opens !

Great News. After a lot of planning and hard work by Kancha and our nurse Dolma, the Health Clinic opened in Thulu Shyabru in late May 2012.

Langtang Medical Clinic News

In our recent treks in the region, we have been inspired by the hospitality of the Tamang people.

So, working in support of Kancha, we are helping to set up a medical clinic in Thulu Syabru for the locals and for surrounding villages. It should be open by the end of May 2012.

We are all hoping that this is a great success, so that we can look to do more in this area.

PS - Congratulations to Kancha & Chessum, and also to Pema & Biru on the births of their babies. With such good parents I am sure that they will have full lives.

For the young, as well as the young at heart

Wow. Imagine being 9 years old and telling real stories at school of trekking to Annapurna Base Camp, seeing rhino's and crocodiles in the wild as well as riding on and washing elepants at Chitwan, white water rafting down grade 3 rapids, and soaking in the culture and atmosphere of Kathmandu and Pokhara.

That's what our youngest trekker, Bryn Whitaker, has just done, and he did it so well. He just may grow up to be "Cub" Grylls. See some of his photos in the gallery.

It just goes to show that, no matter who we are, how old we are, we are always more capable than we think.