Wednesday, April 1, 2020 - Thursday, April 16, 2020

We have walked up the Langtang valley many times and we still love every bit of it. There are so many wonders to experience as we meander up this secret river valley.


This trek is a moderate grade, so you will need to do some regular walking before you arrive. We can give you the right advice on this. As we always say, the fitter you are, the better time you will have!

As we start our walk from 2200m at Thulo Syabru, we have an easy introduction to this narrow river valley, rather than the more common uphill that you would do with other companies.

The Langtang Valley is natures equivalent to the "Dance of the Seven Veils". Every day is different, and even when we reach Kyangin Gompa and have a full day to explore, there are many options to suit everyones tastes and ability. Even sitting at our lodge we can marvel at the majestic 7227m high Lantang Lirung, which seems both close and unattainable.

After exploring Kyangin, we backtrack for 1.5 days, before peeling off and into the cultural exploration of the Tamang Heritage trail. This is a perfect contrast as you get a completely different perspective on some of the views, as well as plenty of new ones. Coming in from this direction, and after having walked up the Langtang Valley, this is an easy part of the trek; being basically at the same altitude, before wlaking down the trek finish, and our jeep ride back to Kathmandu.