Don’t Go Gently exists solely to support village health and education in Nepal. All money raised goes straight to those causes.

Who are we?

Don’t Go Gently started from a serindipitous conversation between a village woman and one lone traveller, and has  become a small Not-for-Profit  organisation out of a love for both the people of the rural areas and the natural beauty of the majestic Himalayas.  These two things fire the passion that makes us want to share everything we have learned with everyone who is open to the experience.

Giving Something Back to Nepal

In 2010 we started helping to support the school of Thulu Syabru at the request of the wonderful school principal, Chhesum Lama. Our help started small at first, but we soon realised what positive changes could be made with some more effort, so we committed to a much greater involvement. We have recently helped fund the stabilisation of the land at the rear of the school to resist landslides. We have bought green boards to replace the black boards, which had a carcinogenic component in the chalk dust. We have bought computer equipment and computer furniture, and we have also painted the school building. We have bought school desks/benches for the classrooms. We have purchased library books for the older students, as well as carpet/montessori equipment and musical instruments for the kindergarten. And we will keep on helping.

In 2011 we started helping at Gatlang school, which is a 2 day walk away from Thulu Syabru (1 day for locals) and is a heritage village. We purchased similar education equipment as we had at Thulu Syabru, and we have just funded the replacement of the badly dented and leaking metal roofing over the older school buildings, as well as providing th school principal with a laptop computer.